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Del Terra takes pride in providing world class client service and attention to detail.  Initially started as a Los Angeles, California based family founded business we have grown to manage over $3 billion dollars in construction and program management projects throughout the state.  Our team has over 100 years of combined construction and program management experience.  Our level of professionalism and expertise allows us to deliver our projects on time and on budget.  We take pride in every project we manager no matter the size or scope of the project.  Our diverse project portfolio crosses over many industries and areas of construction, which allows us to provide support to our clients without the need for significant out-sourcing keeping costs contained and projects on schedule.

Bassett High School Pool Complex Renovation

Pre-Construction & Design Services

Serving as the district's Program and Construction Manager we provided pre-construction and design services on the complete renovation of the high school swing pool complex.

Solar Energy Solutions

Energy Audit, Design & Construction Services

We have performed energy audits and built millions of dollars of solar energy solutions to reduce our clients' energy consumption and operational costs.  Several programs are available to significantly reduce or eliminate project/construction costs for solar energy programs.

Lynwood High School Rebuild

Emergency Response, Site Relocation & Rebuild

On June 16, 2020, a portion of ceiling soffits at Lynwood High School collapsed. Since that time, Del Terra has been working to repair the building and inspect the entire campus to ensure it provides the highest standard of safety for students and staff.  As the District's program/construction manager we have been tasked with the complete re-design and re-build of the campus. 

City Redevelopment Project

Mixed Use Redevelopment Project

The Central Business District Redevelopment Project Area consists of 130 acres and it exhibits a variety of commercial and residential land uses.  The Metrolink Station is in the project area near the downtown civic center.

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